Supporting our community of Environmental Professionals working in the Southern New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Environmental services are in particularly high demand in the Southern New York/Northern New Jersey region.  As professionals serving this market we all share a similar knowledge base and experience set that is unique to our field.

We speak the same language, and while we may compete from time to time, our day to day endeavors are mutually relatable to each other.

This foundation of common ground offers the potential for developing a natural comradery among like minded individuals, and a strengthened sense of unity among the many environmental services firms located within the tri-state area.

The primary aim of our Non-profit association is to create and support a growing number of symbiotic opportunities that bring together our community of Environmental Professionals, to produce something new that exceeds the sum of its parts.


Our activities are free of charge and designed to benefit our members both professionally and personally.  Members have access to educational teleseminars, topical workshops, business development networking, career networking, regulatory alerts, meet & greet events with agency regulators, social events, golf outings, group travel, sponsor-supported cocktail parties and sporting events.

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Membership is free, and open to Environmental Professionals who service the Southern New York/Northern New Jersey region.

Our members consist of consultants, contractors, engineers, LSRP’s, project managers, attorneys, developers, property owners, insurers, and other professionals employed in the environmental field.


  • Learn
  • Teach
  • Engage
  • Mentor
  • Socialize
  • Develop New Business Relationships
  • Discover Something New

Association Officers



(Enviro-Disposal Group)



(Enviroscience Consultant)



(Rigano LLC)

Board Members

Inez Birbiglia

(Enviroscience Consultants)

Sean Cronin

(Cronin & Cronin)

Alyse Delle Fave

(Rigano LLC)

Patty Els

(York Analytical Laboratories)

Steve McGinn

(Nelson Pope & Voorhis)

Frank Piccininni

(Sterling Risk)

Nick Rigano

(Rigano LLC)

Rich Rivkin

(Enviro-Disposal Group)

Scott Yanuck

(Laurel Environmental)

The Association is Seeking:

  • White Paper submissions
  • Guest Bloggers
  • Podcasters
  • Presenters for 30 minute teleseminars on Environmental topics
  • Event Sponsors
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